Articles in Saint Peters MO

Diet/Nutrition/ Weight Loss Information Saint Peters MO

There are six major classes of nutrients--carbohydrates, fats, minerals, protein, vitamins, and water--and good nutrition takes into account a balance of all these nutrients in the form of a healthy diet. And a healthy diet and excercise are the cornerstone of any legitimate weight loss program.

Life/Career Counseling Saint Peters MO

If you are confused, uncertain or anxious about the choices you make in life, whether it be in relationships or career oriented, a life coach or career counselor may be able to offer guidance and positive advice.

Herbal/Natural Remedies Saint Peters MO

Herbal and natural remedies can offer aid to common illness and ailments, but always consult a licensed doctor or physician when taking any medicine or supplement regularly or to treat major health problems.

Yoga Saint Peters MO

Yoga is a traditional mental and physical discipline that originated in India. It is generally known as a form of exercise that consists of many specific, often intense or advanced, stretches, poses and breathing exercises, but is also often associated with the meditation practices of certain religions, such as Hindu and Buddhism.

Illness/Disorder Treatment Saint Peters MO

Some illness or disorders, such as sleep disorders, can be treated or aided naturally (Valerian root is a common supplement used to help treat sleeplessness). Be certain to consult a doctor or physician before starting any natural/herbal regiment to treat an illness or disorder.