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The best natural defense against cold and flu is good health through proper diet and exercise. There are also other holistic remedies that may help in preventing common illnesses.

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7 Reasons to Avoid the Swine Flu Vaccination--Especially Children

08 Oct, 2009

Posted by: Dr L In: Health Tips | Vaccines


The annual flu vaccine scare has reached a new level of frenzy this year with the media and official fear blitz about the swine flu. The pressure to vaccinate has never been greater. Yet, while the issue is still the same – a flu shot – there are special risks and concerns about the vaccine this year.

Every person and parent must make their own choice on whether to vaccinate.

I do not vaccinate and believe there are many many good reasons for that choice. As a mother of four grown children I faced the decision as a parent, which can be very difficult in our vaccine culture. I have four very healthy children, young adults, who have never been vaccinated. They do not have the allergies, asthma or other chronic diseases that are epidemic in children these days, and they all have terrific immune systems with lifelong immunity to childhood diseases, and yes, once-in-awhile they get the flu and they get over it. It was my belief, that given the vaccine load placed on children and infants (a still growing load), the compositions of the vaccines, and the unknowns, that the risks of vaccines were not worth an arguable benefit.

As you consider your choice to vaccination or not, think on these good reasons not to vaccinate this year.

exclamation Mild Flu: The swine flu has not mutated into a virulent and dangerous strain as predicted by so many in the medical industry. The flu is mild for all but very small percentage and for people over 60, many may already have a natural immunity from contracting similar strains of flu in the past. I am now seeing patients with swine flu and the symptoms and severity are often milder than the usual winter flu. Children and adults are getting the flu and getting over it, just as millions do every year.

exclamationLimited Testing of the Vaccine: Because of the early fear and hype, the vaccine is being rushed to market with limited testing. The vaccine has been tested for just a few weeks on a few thousand adults and children, and a very few pregnant women.

exclamationUnknowns Mean a High Risk Vaccine: Because of the limited testing of the swine flu vaccine, there are more than the usual unknowns about the true risks of this vaccine. On open question is how effective the vaccine is in preventing the swine flu. Of special concern is the potential for vaccine reaction in pregnant women and children.flu-fears-2

Children at special risk include those with with chronic illness such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, or who have had a previous vaccine reaction.

Notwithstanding the emphasis on the safety of vaccines in the media and from the medical industry, all vaccines carry risks, which can be devastating. It cannot be honestly said that vaccines are 100% safe. The risk of a vaccine reaction depends on a number of factors, like; medical history, the vaccine itself, whether one is ill when receiving the vaccine, other vaccines one has recently received, medications...

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Stay Healthy This Flu Season Without Vaccines

12 Sep, 2009

Posted by: Dr L In: Health Tips | Vaccines


Back to school, a touch of cool to the evening air and we realize that autumn is on its way and another season of colds, flu and other winter ailments is knocking at our door. This year we have the additional awareness of an impending new flu on horizon and many are very concerned. Continuing on the theme I began last week, I would like to begin addressing pro-active approaches to staying healthy in the change of season and the coming year.

Good health and the prevention of flu start with each of us as individuals. I do not like the vaccine prevention or the “pop a pill” approach to health which many feel absolves them from the personal responsibility to do the basics for their good health. Just keep in mind that the drug companies are not in business for your health.

I recently had words of wisdom come from the check- out counter at the grocery store when the clerk stated that she was of the opinion that you either pay the cost for a healthy grocery cart up front or, you pay on the back end with poor health and the doctor bills. As she said, “It’s much more fun to pay up front for healthier food.”

Getting sick, contracting the flu or any other virus is part of the human condition.

Modern drug based medicine cannot prevent illness. Our bodies are constantly exposed to invaders that can cause illness. The goal is to have a healthy uncompromised immune system that can fight off the “would be” invader and maintain good health.

We only produce symptoms of illness when a system is compromised by one of the following:

  • pre-existing health issues
  • dehydration
  • lack of sleep
  • excess stress
  • poor diet
  • and poor nutrition.

We have control over all but one of these influencing elements; our health is in our own hands.

We all know that we should drink more water, avoid sodas and sugary drinks, we all know that we need 8 hours of sleep a day, exercise daily reduces stress and healthy meals provide good nutrition. The dilemma remains, how do we follow these basic fundamental principles with our already overloaded lifestyles?

Five Simple Steps That Will Make a Difference

1: Start every day with a large glass of water and never leave home with- out either a glass or stainless steel water bottle. If you start your day with a glass of water you will reset your thirst mechanism and flush the system of toxins that build up over night in the digestive tract.

2: Try to go to bed about the same time every night . Studies show that people who go to bed and get up at the same time every day have healthier sleep patterns and better quality of sleep. Finish your evening with stretching and relaxing music. Shut off the TV, work you have brought home or any other stimulating input to your senses at least one hour before bed. Give your body a chance to shut down for the night so that even if you do not get 8 hours the time you do have will b...

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